Working Park for Healthy & Sustainable Lifestyle
in the heart of South Jakarta

GKM Green Tower is a green office building built with idealism and resource efficient. It will eventually reduce costs for running a business.

By design GKM Green Tower get recognition “Platinum” from the Green Building Council Indonesia (GBCI) and the Building & Construction Authority (BCA) in Singapore. 83.33% green landscape area provides various types of tree, plants, nursery and greenhouse making the environment calmer, reduce the level of stress and improve health.

Efficiency and energy conservation, water conservation, and environmental management conducted regularly to maintain low cost operation. 24-hour security and CCTV cameras as well as an access card and fingerprint access make you feel safe during activity.

Located in the TB. Simatupang Kav 89G – South Jakarta, GKM Green Tower have direct access to Jakarta Outer Ring Road (JORR), nearby Tanjung Barat railway station, traversed by a various public transport, close to residential areas, hotels, hospitals, malls, easy access to international airport and business district.

GKM Green Tower construction involving PT Total Bangun Persada Tbk as the main contractor, Wiratman & Associates as a structure consultant, PT Planning Development Workshop as the architect.

GKM Green Tower is a strata & lease building and has been operating since 2014. Available office unit for lease and strata.

Hallo, Selamat datang di gedung GKM Green Tower, ada yang bisa kami bantu?
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